Prudent Dating Progression

Prudent Dating Progression













Dating Preparation

Friendship Dating


Formal Courtship




1 year minimum

1-6 months

9-54 days

18-23 months

4-12 months

Until death of one spouse


Divine Love






Brother-Sister Love








Affectionate Love







Erotic Love

Divine Love

·            […] “'called to be saints,' Christians have become the temple of the Holy Spirit." (CCC 1695)


Brother-Sister Love

·            Chastity is expressed notably in friendship with one's neighbor. Whether it develops between persons of the same or opposite sex,

friendship represents a great good for all. It leads to spiritual communion. (CCC 2347)


Affectionate Love

·            […] "in sharing affection moving slowly is usually indicative of giving, of honoring and serving the beloved."

"Moving more rapidly or touching more intensely is usually indicative of seeking, of pleasing and serving the self."

(Christian Courtship in an Oversexed World by T.G. Morrow, p. 53)

·            "[Affection's] immediate aim is not 'enjoyment,' but the 'feeling of nearness.'" (Love and Responsibility, p. 203)

·            “Those who are engaged to marry […] should reserve for marriage the expressions of affection that belong to married love.” (CCC 2350)

·            “Sexual pleasure is morally disordered when […] isolated from its procreative and unitive purposes.” (CCC 2351)

·            "Passionate kissing [because it] causes sexual arousal would be categorized as sexual activity [and is] seriously sinful."

"It is unreasonable to prepare for sexual intercourse if you are not planning to have sexual intercourse.

Sin is, in its essence, acting contrary to right reason, the reason of God." (Christian Courtship in an Oversexed World, p. 68)


Erotic Love

·            Sexuality is ordered to the conjugal love of man and woman.  In marriage the physical intimacy of the spouses becomes

a sign and a pledge of spiritual communion.  Marriage bonds between baptised persons are sanctified by the sacrament."  (CCC 1601)